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Zanussi 1325162137 Washing Machine Analogic Pressure Switch

Brand: Zanussi
Product Code: 4062
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About Zanussi Spares and Parts

Zanussi are an Italian appliance manufacture that was brought by Electrolux in the mid 1980’s. They provide a vast range of domestic appliances and have been exporting from Italy since 1946. Zanussi were credited with inventing the very first ever hidden dishwasher and they have always been one of the most innovative appliances designers.

Spares Direct stock Zanussi spare parts for many domestic appliances including washing machines and dishwashers.

Zanussi 1325162137 Washing Machine Analogic Pressure Switch

This Pressure Switch fits the following Washing Machines

L10500VI L14510VI LAV47475 LAV66806 L12500VI L14710VIT LAV47580 LAV66809 L12510VI L14720 LAV47582 LAV66810 L12620 L14820 LAV48380 LAV66813 L12700VIT L16820 LAV48382 LAV66815 L12710VIT L16830 LAV48385 LAV66819 L12720VIT L88810 LAV48580 LAV75807 L12810VI LAV47180 LAV48585 LAV75817 L12820 LAV47280 LAV66800 LAV76800 L12830 LAV47380 LAV66805 LAV76808 LAV76809 LAV84610 LAV86809 LAV88820 LAV76810 LAV84800 LAV86810 LAV88829 LAV76818 LAV84810 LAV86812 LAVALOGIC1410 LAV76819 LAV84812 LAV86818 LAVALOGIC1420 LAV76820 LAV84820 LAV86819 LAVALOGIC1610 LAV76880 LAV85805 LAV86820 LAVALOGIC1620 LAV78800 LAV86800 LAV88800 LAVALOGIC1630 LAV78810 LAV86804 LAV88809 LAVALOGIC1810 LAV82800 LAV86807 LAV88810 LAVALOGIC1820 LAV82810 LAV86808 LAV88819 LAVALOGIC1822 LAVREGINA LAVREGINA2551F LAVREGINA2851 LR1851 LAVREGINA1580 LAVREGINA2552F LL1820 REG3610WT LAVREGINA1851 LAVREGINA2651

EW1233I EWF12115 EWF14115 EWF1455 EW1280F EWF1234 EWF14118 EWF1481 EWD1300 EWF1236 EWF1426 EWF1487 EWD1419I EWF1245 EWF1434 EWF1488 EWF1034 EWF1246 EWF1436 EWF1489 EWF1045 EWF1249 EWF1440 EWF1495 EWF1090 EWF1255 EWF1444 EWF1634 EWF1092 EWF1289 EWF1445 EWF1636 EWF1098 EWF14108 EWF1447 EWF1640 EWF12108W EWF14108W EWF1449 EWF1645 EWF1646 EWF1689 EWN1640 EWT1340 EWF1647 EWF1880 EWS1258 EWT1342 EWF1649 EWF734 EWS1258Z EWT1346 EWF1655 EWF890 EWT1300 EWT1540 EWF1680 EWF925 EWT1301 EWW1292 EWF1686 EWF934 EWT1302 EWW1440 EWF1687 EWI1235 EWT1315 EWX1237 EWF1688

FJE1205 ZWD1471W ZWF1434W ZWF1650W WD1245 ZWD1681W ZWF1437W ZWF1651W ZJ1218 ZWF1231W ZWF1440W ZWF1840 ZJD12191 ZWF1237W ZWF1450W ZWF1850 ZKG2100 ZWF1240W ZWF1451W ZWN1220W ZKG2120 ZWF14109 ZWF1631W ZWN1620S ZWD1251W ZWF1431S ZWF1640S ZWN1620W ZWD1271W ZWF1431W ZWF1640W ZWV1651S ZWD1471S

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