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Zanussi 2425182041 Fridge Bottle Shelf

Brand: Zanussi
Product Code: 1233
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About Zanussi Spares and Parts

Zanussi are an Italian appliance manufacture that was brought by Electrolux in the mid 1980’s. They provide a vast range of domestic appliances and have been exporting from Italy since 1946. Zanussi were credited with inventing the very first ever hidden dishwasher and they have always been one of the most innovative appliances designers.

Spares Direct stock Zanussi spare parts for many domestic appliances including washing machines and dishwashers.

Zanussi 2425182041 Fridge Bottle Shelf

Previous part numbers, 2273112058, 2273112124, 2425319064

This bottle shelf fits the following Fridges

ENA3440 ENA3450 ENA3451 ENA3451X ENA3840 ENA3850 ENA3851 ENA3851X ENB3240 ENB3440 ENB3450 ENB3451X ENB3840 ENB3850 ENB3851X ENB3951 ENB3951X ER3548B ER8030B ER8031B ER8548B ERA2860 ERA2966 ERA3260 ERA3366 ERA3366X ERA3652 ERA3654 ERA3654X ERA4052 ERA4054 ERA4054X ERB2622 ERB2622X ERB2941S ERB2942 ERB2945 ERB2945X ERB3022X ERB3023 ERB3023X ERB3024 ERB3027 ERB3028 ERB3030 ERB3122 ERB3123 ERB3151 ERB3223 ERB3225X ERB3226X ERB3235X ERB3364 ERB3422X ERB3440 ERB3441S ERB3442 ERB3445 ERB3445X ERB3447 ERB3535X ERB3536X ERB3560X ERB3564 ERB3567 ERB3598 ERB3644 ERB3645 ERB3645X ERB3651 ERB3651X ERB3652 ERB3798 ERB3798X ERB3860X ERB3867 ERB3941 ERB4024 ERB4032 ERB4044 ERB4045 ERB4051 ERB4052 ERB7633 ERB7730 ERB7941 ERB7952 ERB8032 ERB8040 (92502226300) ERB8230 ERB8441 ERB8445 ERB8452 ERB8530 ERB8641 ERB8641G ERB8642 ERB8643 ERB8644 ERB8645 ERB8648 ERB8651 ERB8652 ERB9041 ERB9042 ERB9043 ERB9044 ERB9048 ERB9052 ERC2521 ERC2522 ERC2526X ERC3022 ERC3023 ERC3025X (92387653601, 92387653602) ERC7730 ERD2522 ERD2822 ERD3020 ERD3021 ERD3021X ERD3322X ERD3323 ERD3420 ERD3420X ERD3464X ERH3620S SB258 SB303 SB323N SC243 SC291 SK255 ST252

ZERB3225X (92592952400, 92592970400) ZERB8441 (92503141000, 92503144500) ZERB8643 (92503201300, 92503203400) ZERB9043 (92503241000) ZERC3025 (92387652901, 92387652902, 92387665600, 92387665601, 92387652900) ZERC3025X (92387653000, 92387653001, 92387653002, 92387665700, 92387665701) ZNB3240 (92503340000) ZNB3240S (92503341100) ZNB3440 (92503303900) ZNB3450 (92503300400, 92503304000) ZNB3450S (92503303100) ZNB3840 (92503322700, 92503323100) ZNB3850 (92503320300, 92503322800) ZNB3850S (92503322200) ZRB2641 (92502205700) ZRB2941 (92503103700) ZRB3041 (92502226000)

Electrolux 2425182041 Fridge Bottle Shelf

Part Type Bottle Shelves

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