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Zanussi 3570038061 Oven 100 Watt Lower Heating Element

Brand: Zanussi
Product Code: 5355
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About Zanussi Spares and Parts

Zanussi are an Italian appliance manufacture that was brought by Electrolux in the mid 1980’s. They provide a vast range of domestic appliances and have been exporting from Italy since 1946. Zanussi were credited with inventing the very first ever hidden dishwasher and they have always been one of the most innovative appliances designers.

Spares Direct stock Zanussi spare parts for many domestic appliances including washing machines and dishwashers.

Zanussi 3570038061 Oven 100 Watt Lower Heating Element

Previous part numbers for this heating element 50026281001, 50204422005

This Base Element fits the following Ovens

AHE4132UD BM96EW BMS641W BN213W BM315 BM96EX BMS641W1 BN314 BM315W BMC541 BMS641X BNN314 BM496EW BMC541W BMS641X1 BNW314 BM902NE BMN315 BMS641Y BNW431/1 BM91EB BMN496E BMS641Y1 BST6A BM91EN BMS641A BMW541 BST6N BM91EW BMS641A1 BMX215 BST6W BM91EX BMS641N BMX315 BST6Y BM96EN BMS641N1 BN213B FB515 FBI533/A FM16 HM214W HM596E FBI533SS FM5232 HM214X HM596NE FBI533Z FM5611 HM224B HM596WE FBI534/31B FM5612 HM224S HMW116 FBI534/31W FM9232 HM224W HN212B FBI773B FM9611 HM224X HN212S FBI773W FM9612 HM497E HN212W FBI783B HM116 HM497EN HN212X FBI783W HM214B HM497EW HN423W FBI783X HM214S HM541N MC20M MC5634 Z941MP Z984BP/1 ZBM762B MC9634 Z944BI Z984NP/1 ZBM762B1 Z924BI Z944MI Z984SP/1 ZBM762N Z924MI Z974BI Z984XP/1 ZBM762N1 Z931VGB Z974BP Z994N/1 ZBM762W Z934BI/1 Z974M1/1 ZBC741N ZBM762W1 Z934BP/1 Z974MI ZBC741N1 ZBM762X Z934MI/1 Z974MP ZBD904 ZBM762X1 Z934MP/1 Z974RI/1 ZBD904B ZBN721B Z941BP Z974RP ZBD904W ZBN721B1 ZBN721N ZBS703BL ZHM722W ZHM761W ZBN721N1 ZBS703SS ZHM722X ZHM761X ZBN721W ZBS703W ZHM725B ZHN721N ZBN721W1 ZCM5200B ZHM725N ZHN721W ZBN721X ZCM5200W ZHM725W ZHN721X ZBN721X1 ZDA45B ZHM725X ZHN724N ZBS701B ZDA45W ZHM741B ZHN724W ZBS701W ZDA55B ZHM741W ZHN724X ZBS703A ZDA55W ZHM761B ZKB7238B ZBS703B ZHM722N ZHM761M ZKB7238S ZKB7238W ZKH7014S ZKH7014X ZSA35B ZKB7238X ZKH7014W ZOB5K ZSA35W ZKH7014B



About Cooker Heating Elements

The heating element is the main heat source in a cooker. If the cooker appears to have power to it, but there is no heat, then the element may be faulty. A visual inspection may reveal damage, but sometimes the element will be faulty with no apparent damage. In a ‘static’ (or non-fan) type of cooker, the heating element may be rectangular, to fit the shape of the oven cavity. In a fan oven, however, the element will be circular to encompass the fan. Both these types of heating element are available from Spares Direct. Check which is the correct element, by comparing the model number with the list for the appropriate manufacturer on the heating element page of Spares Direct. Some elements are universal, and will fit more than one model of cooker, but not all elements will be suitable. The wattage must be the same as the original, and the physical size and shape must be the same, to allow the element to be fitted in place.

Part Type Heating Elements

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