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Zanussi 50239964005 Zanussi Washing Machine Drum Spider

Brand: Zanussi
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About Zanussi Spares and Parts

Zanussi are an Italian appliance manufacture that was brought by Electrolux in the mid 1980’s. They provide a vast range of domestic appliances and have been exporting from Italy since 1946. Zanussi were credited with inventing the very first ever hidden dishwasher and they have always been one of the most innovative appliances designers.

Spares Direct stock Zanussi spare parts for many domestic appliances including washing machines and dishwashers.

Zanussi 50239964005 Zanussi Washing Machine Drum Spider

Fits Models




EW1000I EW1003W EW1006F EW1025F EW1062W EW1134F

Tricity Bendix

AW1050 AW1053W AW1054W AW1070 AW440 BWD1011 BWD1012 CAW1000 CAW1010 CPW1000 CWD1000 CWD1010 WDR1020 WDR1030 WR540


F1045W FJ1033 FJ1033/C FJ1053 FJ1093 FJ1094 FJ1094AL FJ1094G FJS1197W FL1032/C FL1034 FL1081 FL1082 FL1084 FL1085 FLA1001W FLA1002W FLS1084 FLS1183W FLS1185QAL FLS1185QW FLS1186W W1042W WDJ1054 WDJ1094 WDS1072C WDS1183W WDT1075 WDT1085 WJS1197W ZT1014 ZT102 ZT1082

Part Type Spiders

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